the Language of Love

A short clip from the Islamic Sermon, the Art of Yearning for God, by Hajj Khalil Jaffer:


Spiritual Journey in Islam

Here you can read about Spiritual Journey in the Words of Shia Muslim Mystics:

Spiritual Journeying in the Words of Muslim Mystics.pdf

I hope we benefit from it inshaAllah. 🙂

Gold and Copper – Iranian Movie

طلا و مس  (Gold and Copper)

Iranian film by director Homayoun Assadian, where a young student of religious sciences must turn his knowledge about Islam into action, when his wife is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Assadian mixes the daily life demands in the Tehran metropolis, with the deepest and most prioritary teachings of the Islamic religion, through the language of Hafez and Mowlavi (Rumi) poetry.

You can watch it with English Subtitles here: